Sunday, April 7, 2013

Up the Ante!

          In an earlier post I mentioned the purchase of some Chinese panniers. Although they do the job, there are some issues with them that I have never warmed to. The lids weren’t hinged. (One is now) The latches were garbage (now replaced), the sheet metal is not good quality. There seems to be a theme doesn’t there!
So, what is the alternative? Average specialist pannier sets cost anywhere from $600AUD to $1900AUD. These are insane prices for what is essentially a box for storage. There are a million and one panniers out on the market and they all claim to be the ultimate storage box.  I decided to set a personal  criteria and go from there.
I already have a Genuine Aprilia top-case, which is actually a branded Hepco and Becker (or in reality rebadged Rimowa manufactured cases) setup. Nice kit, but the side cases are stupid money and aren’t the strongest out there. I do however enjoy the ease of fitment and removal, with a twist of a key and a flick of a latch. The proposed side cases must be as easy to use.

Also, the Chinese cases were rated at 37 litre and were just a little too narrow for getting gear in and out of. I wanted something wider, but just a little.

The lids should be hinged, and since I already have Hepco and Becker racks, the new panniers must be able to utilise these.

The Adventure Rider world is a great place to be involved in. Via a friend of a friend of a friend, (with a few more thrown in) a pair of very slightly used SW Motech TRAX panniers came on the market. They looked interesting and the price was right.

The following Youtube  video sealed the deal.
I’m now waiting for these babies to arrive.

I’ll put up a full review when they are fitted.

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