Monday, December 31, 2012

Just ride it!

It's been a while since I've written much, basically because I just ride the Caponord and often! I regularly hear ignorant riders saying, "A Caponord, the're unreliable aren't they?" Arr no, far from it. My Caponord just goes and goes and goes..... Like any bike, you need to do regular maintenance, but the Aprilia Caponord is easy to work on and relatively inexpensive for spares.

I did a 10,000km service the other day, which was simply an oil change, fluids, check this, check that, all up it took a casual hour and half to complete. (Including beer time).

I made one mistake, when replacing the sump plug, I didn't replace the crush washer. (Stooopid!)
I had to change the washer whilst not loosing too much oil and then top it up. The trouble is, I topped up with too much oil and nearly did more damage than good. Caponords DO NOT like too much oil. It can eventually, get into the airbox and foul the air filter.Fortunately I caught it.

A lesson learnt, always use a new crush washer because if you don't, it will cause headaches later on!!

I changed oils as well and am now using Penrite. Gear changes are slicky smooth and neutral is dead easy to find. Let's see if it goes the full 5000km distance!

On a side note, I sourced a Cagiva Mito for my missus. It needs a little loving, but nothing that won't break thr bank. I already know what fun these babies are and am looking forward to getting it running. (It's ok Caponord, you aren't forgotten.)

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